Friday, February 25, 2011

First Comes Love...

...then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage!

My cousin Karen is having a little baby boy.  She is due on April Fool's Day, which just so happens to be my Dad's birthday and David's uncle's birthday also.

Her baby shower is tomorrow, and below is the card I made her.  The butterfly stamp is from StampinUp! and I love the pattern.  Just about everything else on the card is StampinUp! too: paper, bracket punch, and the "sweet little baby" stamp.

Did I mention she is having a boy?

PS) This will be my last post for February.  But March is a new month, and the new theme will be "think outside the box".  I am very excited about it!  Hope you are too! )

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Darker Side of Love...

My husband is not the rose-petals-on-the-bed, long-walks-on-the-beach, sweep-her-off-her-feet kind of guy.  That's usually fine by me, since most of it is too cheesy for me anyway.  So it's no surprise that he rarely whispers sweet nothings in my ear.

The point I am trying to make is that this next card is inspired by the sweetest thing he has ever said to me and will probably ever say to anyone.  He said "I have a small pink spot on my cold black heart just for you".  I almost cried tears of happiness!

It was cut out using the Gypsy, but I couldn't tell you what cartridge.  Susana did it for me, since my Gypsy cords were missing, and she basically designed and cut it for me on her Cricut Expressions.

If you can't read the inside, it says "...and I'm not going anywhere!"

This next card was inspired by the Mini Monsters Cricut Cartridge.  I was flipping through the pages of the booklet to get inspiration for my Valentines Day card (see previous posts).  And I came across the Grim Reaper.  I'm not sure if "monster" is the best way to describe him - I would think he would be more at home in a Halloween cartridge, but when I passes his picture, LIGHTBULB!

This is right up my husband's alley...

Front says "I meant it when I said...".  Inside says "...Til Death Do Us Part!"

Hubby is getting one card for our anniversary, and the other one I will tuck away for a romantic moment... hehehehe...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Love is in the air!

In case you couldn't tell, this month's theme is LOVE LOVE LOVE!  It happens to be my second favorite thing.  (First is chocolate.)

In case you were wondering, Korie is a serious foodie and an EXCELLENT cook.  She has a food blog here ~~~~> <~~~~ and you should check it out.  There is one thing she never posts on her blog - pictures of herself!  So here's a good one from VDay:
In case you couldn't figure it out, that's her Frank to the right.  Aren't they such a cute couple? :)

Ok, back to the cards...

From Frank to David (aka Hubby)...

From Korie to David...

From Korie to Frank...On the inside of the card she used a paper with a raised flower pattern.  The pattern felt fuzzy and had a cool effect on the ink as she wrote the sentiment...

From Frank to Korie...

If anyone is wondering what happened to the valentines from Hubby to Korie & Frank... well, he sent them Angry Birds ecards on Facebook.  If your don't know what Angry Birds is, step away from this blog and go buy a smart phone.  You can thank me later (unless you are Susan hehe).

I am hoping to get another one or two posts in by the end of the Month of Love.  I am working on some cards that explore the darker side of love.  To Be Continued...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines con't

Well, Valentine's Day came and went, and we got some great valentines.  Below are all the cards that I recieved on Monday.
From Hubby to me... I was very proud of Hubby.  He went to town on this card.  Inside is stamps, stickers and a romantic note (not show).

From Korie to me...She used three different types of paper and three different techniques - tearing, burning and 3D effect (flower on front).

Ftom Frank to me...Frank is an Origami master.  He can make a folded sailboat smaller than your pinky nail.

More to come...

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Today is a double post, so don't forget to scroll down and check out the previous one!  I also changed my blog design - I think it suits me better.  :)

Hubby and I have postponed Valentine's Day this year.  Put a down payment on a cruise, add a busy schedule to the mix, and you find yourself pushing Valentine's Day back to March, so you have the funds and time to do it right.  We do, however, have the space in our budget to have nice dinner out with friends that night.  We are looking forward to it.

Korie and Frank have a very special story.  Their lives are literally intertwined.  It is hard to deny that they are meant to be together.

Korie is my oldest friend.  We were inseparable from fifth to eighth grade, until we went to different high schools.  We lost touch, only to be reunited this past year by my second oldest friend, Camille (she didn't come to our school until seventh, and her and I went to the same high school, keeping in touch after graduation).

Frank was one of my brother's friends from our childhood church.  They spent a lot of time together, and even had the same haircut at one point (creepy!).

Korie and Frank attended parties with my brother and I growning up, had dinner at the same table with us at our house, even slept in the rooms next to each other when my parents let us each have a friend over to spend the night.  But they never payed any mind to one another.

Jeff lost touch with Frank, much like I did with Korie.  But while Jeff and I were out of their lives, Korie and Frank met again, under different circumstances.  It wasn't until after they started dating that Korie put two and two together - she had met this guy before!  She had spent plenty of time with him already but never bothered to pay attention!

Now they are engaged. :)

Korie text me the other day with a very cute idea.  We are making Valentine's Day cards for each other!  Below are what I came up with.  First is Hubby's card, then Korie's, then Frank's.  I can't wait to see what Frank and Hubby come up with to give to us girls - neither of them is very crafty!

Sorry for the long post.  I guess I am making up for lost time!  Feel free to join the blog hop March 11th to 13th!  I'll be there, ready to go!

Happy V Day!

And the beat goes on...

Well, January flew by, and I didn't post.  So I will do a double post now to make up for it.  I have been a busy little bee this past week.

There is one month out of the year where no one - not friends nor family - has a birthday.  That month is January.  This gave me time to focus on completing my 2010 scrapbook, complete with attending an All Day Crop (love those!)  However, it seems that 85% of all other birthdays during the year fall between February and May.  Below are the 7 - yes SEVEN - cards I made for the February birthdays.  Oh, and one magnetic Turkey for my Grandpa - he's 79 this year!

I made these cards with Cricut cartridges, both owned and borrowed, and paper, ribbon and other embelishments I already had on hand.  I love Cindy Loo, Preserves and Create A Critter.

Grandpa is a HUGE Jack Daniels fan, so we got him a six pack of the flavored coolers to drink while he is watching the Super Bowl.  The Turkey is a good luck charm - he leaves next week to go to Tennessee to bid on a license to hunt a special breed of turkey in Arizona.  Turkey hunting is his passion and this is the last breed he needs to complete his list.