Monday, March 14, 2011

Erin & the purple page...

A new tool for scrapbookers is digital scrapbooking.  You design a scrapbooking page using elements on the computer, then print it like a picture.  You can use it as is, or add some more elements to it, like you would a traditional scrapbook page.  My project is a twist on that idea.

I use several picture sites online to store and print my digital memories.  I love - there's one a mile away and the prints are always good quality.  They were running a special online a few weeks ago.  An 8x10 collage for FREE!  I jumped on the deal.

I've used these 8x10 collage prints as gifts before.  Frame them with a $3 frame from Walmart and voila!

This one I used as a scrapbook page.  I had a group of pictures that were related but I couldn't quite figure out how to use them all together.  I threw them on my account, arranged them on the 8x10 page, and added a title.  The part in black in the final product.

Once I picked it up at the local store, I picked out the paper that would be the border.  This paper was perfect - it reminded me of Harold & the Purple Crayon.  What a wonderful theme for this page.  It's pictures of me and my buddies being creative.

And I added buttons!  I LOVE buttons!

This page took me a total of 10 minutes - 5 on the computer and 5 to put it together once I picked up the print at the store.  Quick, easy and cute!

Think outside the box!

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