Sunday, May 22, 2011

Get well soon!

National Scrapbook Day challenge #2 was "Kraft cardstock".  I don't think I own any, so I am substituting it for "make something with cardstock".

I made this care package for a dear friend of mine who had surgery this past Friday.  She is working on recovering, but she missed out on the Somerset NJ Scrapbooking Expo that day.  It was GREAT!  I went and have a fabulous time.  I missed not having her there, since we went together last year and we are scrapbooking sisters!

I took a regular plain brown paper gift bag and filled it with all kinds of goodies I picked up for her at the Expo.  Her favorite color is purple, so there was a lot of purple things in there.

I stuck the "get well wishes" note on the front, using cardstock and stamps I had on hand.  Pink ribbon gives it that extra touch to say "I am thinking about you!"

 The following two items I made for her while at the expo.  One is a pin and the other is a necklace.  The supplies come from Craft Fantastic.  They sell glass and hardware to make your own jewelry.  They also sell fabulous Japanese washi paper, with beautiful images you can use to make said jewelry.  You can also print your own image or picture, or use cardstock you have on hand.

I had purchased the "starter kit" last year at the expo, which comes with medium size square glass, glue, necklaces and the grommets.  This year, I purchased the mini and large squares, shown above.  They also sell oval and circle shapes in varying sizes.

What I love about this kit is that it can be used in so many ways.  Since you use ANY image or paper you want for the background under the glass, the posibilities are endless.  You could make a necklace, or pin, or earrings, or a ring, or a bracelet.  You could glue the glass to the front of a card or on a scrapbook page.  I have also seen projects where people glue the glass on top of small photos and then glue the photos to wood.  Instant art piece!

To be continued....

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  1. You are absolutely the best and I loved my presents. Now we need to get together so I can feel creative again .


    Sue B