Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy Heatwave, Batman!

It is HOOOOOOOOOOOT over here in NJ!  There has been a heatwave warning for the better part of the week.  It is 10:22pm and the temp is currently 102degrees.  In my house - 90degrees!  We, unfortunately, do not have central air.  I have the wall unit on at it's highest setting and I am still wiping sweat off my brow.

Anyway, the point of my rant is this: no scrapbooking and very little card-making will be done during the hot summer months.  Not only will the adhesive not hold up (our magnetic notepad on the fridge fell off the other day, for this same reason) but I will not survive very long upstairs, in the hottest, smallest room in the house.  Did I mention there is no wall or window AC unit upstairs?  Yeah, I think I will stick to the ground floor.

This is another card made at the fun "Christmas in July" card night my Mom and I shared last week.  It was an idea from the demonstrator and my friend, Julie.  As soon as she put it together, I thought instantly of my penpal across the pond, Mara.  She is a very wise woman who currently lives over in the UK, but used to live in stinky, crowded NJ.

She looooves crafts, and quilting especially.  I actually have a bag of material to send her, and this card will go with it.  She has agreed to make me a Harry Potter quilt! :)

It's a quilt! :)  And it's adorable.  The paper was actually double-sided StampinUp! paper - which, to my dismay, has been discontinued - and the knot in the middle gives it just the right 3D effect.

I will try this card again, but next time with the squares on a smaller scale.  Then I will use my SewEasy on the "seams".  That way, the whole card looks like a big, hand-sewn quilt!

ComfyCloud, over and out!

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