Saturday, May 15, 2010

Monthly Card Club

Good evening y'all,
One Saturday morning a month, I get together with some lovely ladies to make cards.  The cards below are the ones we made earlier today (minus the third card).  I think the first one is my favorite out of all the cards I have made.

1) Made with a two-step stamp set from StampingUp!.  You stamp the bottom, bulkier stamp in a light color first, then stamp the more detailed top stamp in a darker or bolder color over it to make a shadow effect.

2) This card was made using a tropical stamp set - also from StampingUp! - but using bleach instead of ink.  The bleach slowly takes the color out of the paper.

3)I didn't make this card at the card club, but I was waiting until my pastel brads came in to finish it.  I picked them up this morning, so tada!  I made this card with brads, birthday themed ribbon and a birthday present embellishment I made when I borrowed Susan's Cricut.  Thanks Susan!

My next post will probably be all about my experience at the Somerset NJ Scrapbooking Expo, next Friday and Saturday.  I am going both days, once with cousin Kim and the other day with Partner-In-Crime Susan, and I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!

Til then, xoxo....


  1. I am surrounded by very talented women. Very nice work there. And BTW, Susan is "Our" partner in crime. You gotta share....

  2. You are so talented. Looks great! :)