Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Holy watermelon, Batman!

This was, hands down, my favorite challenge of all the PSNSD challenges.

#11 was "green, pink and black".  I started this project by picking up sheets of green and pink paper that I had bought at a Creative Memories all day crop.  Oddly enough, these were the ONLY two colors I bought.  Not for any particular reason, except that they were the two colors that caught my eye while I was rummaging through the loose cardstock bin.

I put the two colors next to each other, and the first thing that flashed in my mind was "WATERMELON".

The seeds were made by using a mini heart-shaped punch.  I cut them in half to look like seeds.  The black and white patterend paper was left over from another project.

Again, I say to you - don't be afraid of your leftovers!

To be continued... One more to go!

PS) Over this past weekend, I got a picutre with Adam West.  He is awesome.  The title of this post is dedicated to him.

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