Sunday, June 5, 2011

It's time for the beach...

Grab your flipflops!  Mine have pictures in them!

As I have mentioned before, the Scrapbook Expo was a blast.  And thanks to Quick Quotes, I have something very special to remember it by.

One of the make and takes my cousin and I partook in that day was the flipflop album.  They provided an accordian flipflop-shaped chipboard album, flipflop-shaped cardstock in fun summer colors, and some chalking ink to liven up the party.

Oh, and I am also counting this as my "3d object", which was challenge #5 on Pink Stamper's National Scrapbook Day list.

This project was so much fun!  And I really enjoyed using the chalking ink.  It is literally a cross between chalk and ink, so you get the benefits of both worlds. The sharp color of an ink, but the ability to brush it on like a chalk.  Next time, I am definately going to have to pick some up.

To be continued...

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