Thursday, September 1, 2011

Good news, everybody!

Before we get to the good news tho, I would like to point out a new feature I have added to my posts.  Down at the bottom of every post, there is now 3 reaction check boxes.  Don't have time to leave a comment?  Just check a box!  Look for this new feature down below the "comments" button.

OK now on to the news....
I will be participating in my first blog hop this weekend, Sept 3rd and 4th.  It's for Sue's birthday, and it's called "Susan's Anything Goes Festive Birthday Bash Blog Hop".  I will be showing off my project on the first day (Sept 3rd) and I will post the line-up below.  There will be plenty of blog candy and awesome projects, so don't miss it!

I am so excited about showing off a great project for Sue's birthday.  Off to the Scrapping Table!

Day 1: September 3, 20111. Lynne:
2. Amber:
3. Angie:
4. Becky:
5. Berenice:
6. Brenda:
7. Christel:
8. Cindy:
9. Deborah:
10. Erin: - MEEEEEE!!!!!
11. Faith:
12. Gina:
13. Kari:
14. Staci:

Happy September!

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